September 07, 2014

CrossFit Fun!

With my daughter Canberra at the her first Women's Broadcast 2014

Jazzed up on the way to the Depeche Mode Concert 2013....

2011 after having my twins and my 50lb weight loss

October 02, 2013

Official information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints "Mormons"

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Answers

There is a lot of false information about the church out there.  If you have questions about the church you can always ask a missionary.  For now, here are several questions people have that are answered by the church.  There are never any secrets the church has, if you have a question there is an answer! Please be careful where you get your information from.  Make sure it is a church run website or you MAY be getting false information.  Have a fantastic day!

June 18, 2012

Apache Lake June 2012



 A FISH AND A CRAW DAD SETH AND SHANE CAUGHT... the fish eventually died so they fed it to the craw dad

We made friends with this family, the Hopkins from Tucson,  and they took the us on a ride in their tube.  We didn't bring our camera :( lame but the kids had a BLAST! They all got to take a turn in the tube.  Even Daniel and I went on a ride with one of the kids.  It was super fun. 
After we went to Apache Lake we headed to Norther Arizona to visit family.  About the middle of Apache Lake and Roosevelt Lake on Apache Trail we got a flat tire, so we thought.  It ended up being 2 flat tires! No signal.  Middle of the day.  Side of the dirt road in the middle of nowhere.  I had to hitch a ride from an Australian couple to the Roosevelt visitors center where I called for a tow.  We got towed into Globe and had to stay at a dodgy motel where I thought we were going to get eaten alive while we slept.  It was nasty.  But we had no choice, it was walking distance to the tire center.  After we got that taken care of we made made it to Joseph City were we got to visit with Grandma Basham's sisters and brother.  Aunt Clara, Carol, Charlotte and Uncle Coleman.  We visited the Petrified Forrest while we were there. 
Sunday we went to church in Joseph City and headed to Pine Top where we met up with a friend of ours Shane Hammett.  He took us to Woodland Lake where we had a picnic.  It was so beautiful there.  Wish I took pictures!!! I'm lame. 

This was a very enjoyable trip *** minus the major expensive hiccup*** Something we are going to do on a regular basis for sure.  It's an add-on to our beach trips! I'm excited.  Can't believe I waited to over 16 years to get back to my old stomping ground.